Dream: Grant Imahara

I am at a builders fair and stand in line to talk with Grant Imahara. He recognizes me since we worked together on Mythbusters, and smiles. (I was a writer/researcher on Mythbusters.) After greeting each other, I tell him I have an adopted son, we would like to get into robotics, and I ask him for advice for how to best start. He tells me about a good starter kit. As I leave, I see he is visibly moved and I see a tear falling from one of his eyes. I wonder if he is moved because he recently died. Later, I buy the kit with different small robots that can be rebuilt and programmed, and realize it’s easier to get started than I thought.

This is an odd dream, although dreams often are. I obviously never worked on Mythbusters, although if I did it probably would be in that type of position. I like Grant Imahara and identify with him in some ways, and he did recently die. And I don’t have an adopted son, although I sometimes have wanted children and that kind of family life. In the dream, Grant is moved and I see a tear, and I wonder why he is moved. It may be because he died.

The dream may be a reminder of appreciating my life even more. From the perspective of one who has died, this life is amazing. From the perspective of someone who has died, my life is amazing, even if it’s sometimes difficult and I sometimes wish it was different.

That seems to be one essence in the dream. The dream-maker in me may have used him since he recently died and I can see myself in him, and the setting may have been to make sense of meeting him and he having a connection with me.

All parts of any dream is created by my mind and represent parts of me. So what does Grant Imahara represent? To me, he has a childlike enthusiasm and friendliness, and this is a part of me that I feel I somewhat lost connection with because of my recent health and life situation, and the way I have responded to it. This part of me has died, but is somehow still alive, and may be sad because I lost connection with it.

The son may be a new part of me that I am going to teach something to, or learn something with.

I’ll stay with the the dream and see if something else comes up.

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