Dream: Taming a tiger

I am supposed to tame a huge tiger roaming around in the corridors of a hotel. It’s being filmed for a TV show and I am one in a series of people tasked to tame it. When I see the regular hotel guests going about their business and not worrying about the tiger, I start to wonder if it’s not as dangerous as I initially thought.

I have had several strong dreams over the last few days, perhaps because I have been in Vortex Healing classes, although I only remember fragments.

In this dream, I am supposed to tame and capture a huge tiger roaming around in a hotel, and then realize the guests are not worried about it so perhaps I also don’t need to worry too much. The tiger may represent something primal, vital, and powerful in me, which I am scared of and then realize I don’t need to be.


Later in the day, my partner sent me this without realizing it was connected to my dream:

The beast is instinct. Nothing more than that. To let the beast act is to let instinct work. What relationship do you have with your instinct, how do you relate to your instinct, what does your instinct ask of you? Our instinct is Divinity itself.

In the dream, the tiger represents my animal side and instinct, and it showed me that there is nothing to fear there. It’s powerful, beautiful, and easily co-exists with people.

One of the last dream images is of a small woman needing to enter a door, the tiger was inadvertently blocking the door, so she unceremoniously pushed it away and went through the door. She was obviously not concerned, so why should I?

I was much more connected with my instinct in my late teens and early twenties, and when I got married there was less place for it. I abandoned it, which was traumatic for me. And now, it’s time to connect more wholeheartedly with it again.

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