No buttons pushed in a monastic setting?

In an online Vortex Healing class yesterday, the teacher mentioned that monastic living does not trigger us as much as secular life. Someone else called it a pristine setting.

I have heard this from others and always wonder: where did you experience this type of monastic living? (Probably nowhere!)

In my experience, monastic living trigger us as much as any a regular secular life. We live with the same people 24/7 and can’t so easily escape. People are as annoying in a monastic setting as any other. We bring with us our own issues. And spiritual practice in general tends to bring up whatever is unprocessed in us.

Even solitary life brings up a lot of issues as I notice when I am on my own at the cabin. I cannot escape myself so easily.

Whether we live in a monastic, secular, or solitary setting, we bring with us our own issues and these bubble up no matter what.

So the notion of monastic living somehow being pristine or peaceful or free of triggers is misguided and, most likely, perpetuated by people who have never experienced it. If monastic living was like their fantasy, it would be far more popular!

The difference between a monastic and secular setting is that the monastic setting is (ideally) designed to encourage spiritual practice. The difference is not in what or how much is triggered in us and comes to the surface.

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