Adyashanti: You are going to lose your spiritual world

You are going to lose your spiritual world if you take this far enough.

– Adyashanti

Any ideas we have related to spirituality are ideas. Reality is different from and both less and more than these ideas. When we see through this, we lose our spiritual world. The spiritual ideas we have, and may have leaned on for a sense of guidance and safety, lose their sense of reality.

This also goes for the word spirituality. Spirituality is about noticing what we are, and when we do we notice that all our experiences happen within and as what we are. It includes all so although the word may still be useful in some situations, it also loses its meaning.

When we take it far enough, we lose our spiritual world. And we can support that process through inquiry into our ideas about spirituality and any ideas we find within spirituality.

Do I know for certain it’s true? What happens when I believe the thought? What’s the validity in the reversals of the initial thought? (The Work of Byron Katie.)

How does my mind create its experience of any particular spiritual concept? How does sensations and mental images and words combine to create this experience? What happens when I rest with the sensations on their own, and examine the thoughts? (Living Inquiries.)

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