Dream: False world

I am headed somewhere with my partner and a group of friends. We meet two women and they talk with us and seem to want something from us. The others move on and I stay for a little longer. I soon realize something is off. It’s as if this world is created and they are unable to get all right. When something surprising happens, it takes a little while for the recreation to respond, and parts of the environment is created as I look at it. Even my body is part of this creation. The two women function as avatars for whomever has created this world, and they seem to want something from me. I am not sure what.

I had this dream after some old unprocessed materials had come up the night before. The dream may remind me that the world created by this “bubble” of separation consciousness is created and not real the way it may seem.

In general, we do create our own reality – to some extent – through our mental overlay in and its assumptions and interpretations. This dream reminds me of this.

One of the women in the dream looks like Jennifer Lawrence. I see her as friendly, charming, and disarming. Perhaps she was chosen as an avatar for that reason.

In the dream, someone was behind the whole false reality. In waking life, nobody is behind it. It’s an expression of life – in the form of our own mind.

Beyond that, I am not sure what this dream is about. Perhaps it was mainly to remind me of the created quality of my own world, and especially the stressful aspects of it.

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