Dream: Surviving an airplane’s near-crash

I am on a large plane from Los Angeles to London and sit in the first row in the front section. The plane is having trouble during the second part of the trip, and I notice vibrations and see black smoke outside. We are able to land in London, although it was a rough landing. I depart with the others in my section, and we are all relieved.

After we are off the plane, we realize the situation was more serious than we had realized. The back section of the plane is a burnt-out wreck and everyone there had died.

A few minutes later, we are in a small café, watching the news reports on the plane and the dead. One of the people with us had been interviewed just a minute earlier, and they played that interview.

I am not exactly sure what this dream is about.

On the one hand, it feels like the world is a kind of plane crash this year – with the pandemic, the huge fires in Australia and the US west coast, Trump and the polarization in the US, and so on. Although I have my own challenges, mostly unrelated to all this, I also know I am very privileged and fortunate in the midst of all this. I am one of those who (so far) have survived the metaphorical plane crash.

At the same time, the dream is me. Everything represents parts of me. I have gone through a rocky phase of my life – in terms of health and other sides of life, and I feel I am about to safely “land” for now. Some parts of my system feel like a “burnt-out wreck” from a long illness, although as a whole I feel psychologically OK. Also, parts of us die all the time, in different ways (sometimes just through transformation), and we don’t always notice until after. Perhaps the dream is reflecting some of these things.

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