Dream: Young inventor

I am with and observe a young boy who creates simple and creative inventions out of wood. I know he will invent a large number of other things later in life, and that he is young Benjamin Franklin.

Why this dream? Perhaps it’s a reminder to myself of my own creativity and ability to invent, and that this is an ability that can grow and flourish.

More accurately, when it comes to the areas I am interested in – healing, awakening, and to some extent art – I find that following my own path and following where my internal processes lead, inevitably takes me somewhat off the beaten track. It takes me into uncharted territory. So perhaps the dream is really an encouragement for me to trust this process, even if it takes me into uncharted territory.

It’s a territory that may be uncharted for me in a conventional sense. That’s certainly uncharted for me since here and now it’s fresh and the past only lives in my imagination (and the traces found here and now). That may be more or less uncharted by mainstream society. And that may also be more or less uncharted by others in general. (Although probably not, the general insights are often discovered by many people with some inevitable unique flavors.)

A part of me wants to join the mainstream. Whenever my process takes me somewhere, this part wants to compare it with what others have reported. There is some hesitation to fully follow my own process without being so concerned about how it matches or doesn’t match what others have found. So the dream may encourage me to be more like this little boy inventing and following his own path, wherever it leads him.

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