Dream: A street in my childhood neighborhood now has Vortex Healers as residents

I walk down a street in my childhood neighborhood (Nybrottveien). It now has Parisian apartments and houses, and in each one, I see familiar Vortex Healing practitioners. It seems that senior Vortex healers have all decided to move in there. I am invited into one apartment and have a very good conversation with the ones there.

This is the neighborhood of my childhood and I spent a lot of time on this street. In waking life, it has typical Norwegian houses. In this dream, it has very charming Parisian style apartments and houses. As I walk down the street, I see familiar Vortex Healing faces in each apartment and house. It’s beautiful and feels very good to me.

What does this mean? Perhaps that Vortex Healing has a deep place in me now, one that is as deep as my childhood.

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