Dream: Saving a child

Some friends have a daughter who is likely to die unless she can receive medical help which involves a compatible donor. It turns out I am the only one who is compatible. As far as I understand, she will die if she catches the pandemic virus, and my immune system can help her be protected against all eight variations of the virus. I am more than happy to help, and the process also deepens the connection between us all.

These are people I don’t know in waking life. Being a “donor” here means sharing something about my immune system that protects against the pandemic virus, and I may be the only one who can. I am very happy to do it.

In general, she may represent a young and vulnerable inner part of me in need of help, and I am – obviously – the only one who can help.

I wonder if the immune system here means resilience. Supporting this young part of me to be more resilient. To feel more protected, safe, loved.

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