Dreams: New levels in my house and selling land

My partner and I are at my parent’s house, which we are soon to take over. We have been cleaning and organizing, and I discover to levels to the house I had forgotten about. The top-level has a beautiful and charming room with Persian rugs, large pillows, and wall hangings. It also has a beautiful outside area with grass. I used to live here but had completely forgotten it existed. Outside, I find a leather backpack with some things in it from a period of my life I also had completely forgotten about. Someone has clearly been keeping up this top level of the house since all is clean and fresh. I also discover a basement level that I had forgotten about. It’s not dusty but it does have things in storage we need to sort through and we’ll get rid of several things.

This is the classic house dream where we discover new rooms and areas. In this case, a beautiful top level and a basement with some things to sort through. In both cases, I had known but completely forgotten about them, and then rediscovered them. These are “rooms” in me that I have forgotten about and now may be rediscovering.

In this case, what are these rooms? One is a beautiful and comfortable top-level that combines comfort and nature. The other, a basement to sort through. The first may be a sense of enjoyment of life and spaciousness. The second, things in my “basement” – emotional issues etc. – to sort through.

I should mention that in waking life, my partner and I have sorted through a lot in my parents house recently, both in the attic and the basement.

That was the second dream this morning. Here is my first dream.

I and my partner own farmland just down the street from my parent’s house in Norway. It’s neighboring farmland that a friend from school owns. We all want to sell the land. My friend wants to sell his quickly to developers to get the money. I talk with his partner about another possibility: If we sell the two pieces of land as one to someone who wants to do organic farming or permaculture, the land will be more valuable and he may get as much or more than if he sells it to developers. I suggest we all walk around all of the lands to see what’s there so we can use it when advertising the sale. I hope he will agree since it feels better to sell it to someone who will use it properly.

I am not exactly sure what this is about. My friend is a waking life friend and he does own that farmland which he is leasing to someone else. His farm is a five-minute walk from my parents’ house and where I grew up.

The dream does reflect my lifelong waking interest in sustainability, organic agriculture, permaculture, and so on. There is some negotiation going on. And I am holding the outcome lightly but hope to preserve the land for growing food in a sustainable way.

I am selling a piece of land close to where I grew up. I wonder if this is about “selling” something from my childhood connected to my parents and where I grew up. Perhaps my system is in the process of letting go of something.

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