Dream: My childhood neighborhood is rebuilt

I am at my childhood house, walk out to the street, and see – to my surprise – that all the houses in the neighborhood have been demolished. I walk down the street to another section of the neighborhood, and see that it has been demolished as well. I meet a friend (OSL), we talk, and it comes up that they will rebuild in six weeks, after Easter. I feel good about having the neighborhood brand new.

Some days ago, I had a similar dream: A street in my childhood neighborhood (in a small town in Norway) had Parisian apartments and houses, and in each one lived senior Vortex Healing practitioners. I felt very much at home.

In this dream, my old childhood neighborhood was demolished. All the houses had been removed and the ground was clear. We had to wait six weeks for the rebuilding, partly because of Easter and partly because it would give time for people to decide – and feel into – how they wanted their new houses.

After the initial surprise, I felt good about it. It felt right.

What does this mean? The most obvious is that my metaphoric “childhood neighborhood” has been largely demolished. Now, there is clear ground and space for something new.

Why Easter? Easter has to do with death and resurrection, and the dream seems to reflect an inner death and resurrection process.

Why OSL? Perhaps because this is a good friend I recently reconnected with, I feel we understand each other, and she is in a committed awakening process.

And why this dream now? Perhaps because I have worked on transforming deep childhood issues recently (relating to the dynamic between my parents and the internalization of this dynamic). And there has been a shift in my healing process so it seems that I can much more easily work with and invite transformation of deep issues. (They seem more transparent to me, and the energy goes deeper.)

Also, I am currently at my childhood home so that makes this image – of my childhood neighborhood – more readily available to me.

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