Dream: Visiting a friend’s house

I am visiting Nathan W.’s new house in Washington state and am surprised by how clean it is since his previous home wasn’t so clean. I am also surprised that the house is bigger, newer, and stronger since I thought it was more like my old house in Oregon. (Which was a good house in the best neighborhood but felt a bit flimsy.)

What’s this dream about? The house felt like an upgrade of my old house in Oregon where I lived in the ’00s. It is cleaner than his old place, and larger and stronger than my old house in the Pacific Northwest.

My sense is that some of the work I have done on myself is reflected in this dream, and especially the deep and effective Vortex Healing work on my energy system and emotional issues. The house is clean, large, and strong. Perhaps something in me is like that now? It feels that way.

I should mention that Nathan did buy a house in Washington state, I have seen photos of it, and it reminded me of my old house in Oregon. That’s clearly one seed for this dream imagery. Nathan is also the first senior Vortex Healing practitioner I got to know, and I did house- and cat-sit at his old place a few years back.

That suggests that the clean, large, and solid house has to do with changes in me from working on myself with Vortex Healing.

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