Dream: Taking care of a girl

I am taking care of a friend’s daughter. She is maybe ten years old, and I think she is newly adopted.

My friend is away most of the time on business and is very happy for me to take care of her since he is mostly unable to. We live in a very large upscale house, and I am welcome to stay as long as I want.

He would like her to be like him (vegan, serious), and I encourage her to be fully herself. I want to support her in discovering herself and be comfortable with herself as she is. I feel protective of her and want to support her in having a good life.

She has a lot of character, zest, and personality, and we get along very well and have a good connection. I have a feeling I’ll be a kind of father to her long-term.

Some new guests arrive, related to a movie business deal my friend is facilitating. I realize a lot of people may come and go, and it seems OK.

I feel a strong connection with this girl, almost as if I am her father, and I take on a father role for her which we both are happy about.

I saw News of the World a couple of days ago, so it’s possible the seed for this dream is from that movie. In it, the Tom Hanks character takes care of a young twice-orphaned girl and ends up adopting her.

It’s interesting that the house is not my own, although I am free to stay there as long as I wish. Also, the girl is not my daughter, but I am in the role of a father to her. I have a house and a daughter without formally having a house and daughter. Also, the house is shared with friends and business associates of my friend who come to stay for a few days at a time.

My main orientation is to create a safe place for the girl so she can discover herself, be fully comfortable with herself, and live her own life.

The lack of ownership may reflect that I feel a bit rootless in life right now, mainly due to health challenges. I am somewhat rootless in terms of where I live, how my future may look, and so on. Not owning the house, and not being the actual father of the child, may reflect this sense of rootlessness.

Dreams reflect us, and I can see how that also fits with this dream. I don’t feel I “own” this body or human self. It’s here. It’s always changing. At the same time, I am focused on protecting and creating a safe place for the different parts of me, including the young feminine in me.

Update: Dreams can be understood at different levels, for instance reflecting something in our waking life and also reflecting dynamics within us. Some days after this dream, and through a conversation with a friend, I realized how this dream reflects a few things in my waking life.

My partner is actively getting in contact with her more vulnerable side, with her inner child and girl. And I may soon move to her country. My friend in the dream may reflect her father, the girl her vulnerable side, and living in a house that’s not mine may reflect living in a country that’s not (yet) mine. It fits and makes sense. And it doesn’t exclude an exploration of this dream where it all reflects sides of me.

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