Energy healing is an addition – it doesn’t replace anything (unless it actually does)

Energy healing is an addition. It doesn’t replace anything, unless it does.

For instance, Vortex Healing can be amazingly effective in dealing with infections, including viral infections. When I got the flu or similar infections in my pre-Vortex life, I would often get severely sick for several days. Now, with the help of a senior Vortex Healing practitioner, it’s often gone in a matter of hours.

That doesn’t mean I do anything different than I otherwise would do when it comes to the current pandemic. I still avoid contact with others outside of my household, wear mask, clean my hands, and so on. But if I get infected, I know I have a powerful tool in dealing with it. There are no guarantees, but if it works as it has in the past, it helps a lot. And if it doesn’t, nothing is lost by trying.

That’s how I use energy healing in general. It can be a powerful and helpful addition to what I normally would do, and it doesn’t replace anything. Unless it’s so effective that it does.

Energy healing doesn’t replace any of my usual strategies for dealing with things – infections, emotional issues, physical or energy system issues, situations, and so on. But sometimes, it turns out to be so effective that it actually does. It may take care of the problem so I don’t have to use additional strategies.

This is how I use energy healing, and it’s also what I tell someone if I give them a Vortex Healing session. Do everything you normally would do – see a doctor, take care of your health through diet and physical activity, and so on. Don’t do anything differently just because you are receiving energy healing sessions. And then see what happens after the session or sessions. If there is a change for the better, or a symptom or issue clears up, that’s wonderful.

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