Healing experience: awake and not healed

I have a decades-long friend who is on an awakening path, mostly within the Christian tradition, and she is reasonably awake and mature. More than most that I know or have met.

She has cancer, and I did some healing for her a couple of days ago.

What I noticed was that the cancer and most of her system seemed awake. It was clear, light, and conscious.

When I explored what I could do for it, it seemed that I could invite the divine to support the awakening of her system, while moving in the direction of more traditional healing seemed difficult. One path was wide open, and the other was not.

I got the sense that when she works on herself, she prioritizes awakening over healing, and that also fits how she recently has talked about her situation. My question is whether her orientation makes it difficult for a more traditional healing to take place, or whether there is something larger going on here. The answer is probably both. In either case, it seems that life there – locally and temporarily as her and the cancer – is on a deepening awakening path more than a healing path.

It possible that with more time from my side, things could shift more in the direction of traditional healing. I am not sure. And I am also unsure if that’s appropriate in this situation.

This is a reminder of a few different things:

Things can be awake and not healed. A cancer can be awake. The divine can be awake to itself as cancer. And it doesn’t mean it shifts and heals.

Sometimes, awakening takes priority to healing, for whatever reason. Sometimes, it’s the reverse.

And sometimes, awakening and healing go hand-in-hand. They support each other.

On a surface level, it depends on the person and their orientation – which often is influenced by culture and whatever tradition they are in.

Ultimately, it comes down to what life – and the divine – wants to experience locally and temporarily, through and as that person.

And even if there seems to be mostly one or the other, we can usually invite in the other as well. If that happens, then that’s what life and the divine locally and temporarily want to experience.

Mostly, this is a reminder of the mystery of it all. I don’t know any of this for certain.

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