Listen to the body – important although there are caveats

Some talk about “listening to the body” in a general sense, without caveats.

But there are caveats to listening to the body.

Mainly because we never listen to the body. We listen to our thoughts about what the body says. And these thoughts are interpretations and guesses, and may be misleading. They may be influenced by emotional issues and our (unexamined) hopes and fears.

That said, I listen to my body. I check in to see if I need to put on or take off clothes, or change the indoor temperature. When and what to eat. If I have the energy to do something or need to rest. And so on. (I may even check in with my body to see if there is a yes / relief or no / tension to do a particular thing.)

I also check in to see if this is influenced by issues, hopes, fears, and so on.

It takes time to learn to recognize a more neutral interpretation from one influenced by my own issues. And although I often listen to my body in daily life, and find it helpful and important, I am also aware that when I listen to my body, I am actually listening to my own thoughts and interpretations.

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