Healing from within awakening

When we notice what we are, how does healing look?

How do we go about finding healing for our emotional issues, hangups, and identifications? How can we heal our relationship with these? And how can we invite in healing for the issues themselves?

Noticing our true nature helps us notice the true nature of whatever is here – whether it’s an emotional issue, stressful thought, uncomfortable sensations, or anything else. To us, it’s all happening within and as what we are, so our true nature is its true nature.

Noticing this is healing for our relationship with what’s surfacing. It helps us shift out of the struggle with it, get to know it and befriend it, see how it is to notice and allow it as it is, and join in with the allowing of it that’s already here.

Noticing its true nature can also be deeply healing for what’s surfacing. It invites it to align with reality and oneness, which allows for deeper transformation. It can release its tension and contraction, open up, and join in with noticing what it is.

Noticing our true nature and the true nature of what’s surfacing also supports any other approach to healing we may use. It softens identification and struggles with it. It gives it more room to breathe.

The noticing happens here and now. If we have a memory of noticing in the past, that’s a pointer and reminder to notice it here and now. These things tend to shift as we notice, and we may revert to old patterns when we don’t. Over time, this noticing and the shifts that happen become more familiar to us and a new pattern and habit.

In general, it takes time to find deeper healing in how we relate to what’s coming up and for what is coming up itself. It’s not a miracle cure, but it’s the most effective approach I have found and the one most aligned with reality.

All of this is an important part of the embodiment process and living from noticing what we are.

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