Own dream: Tony Hawk’s sandwich

I am with Tony Hawk and a few other people. He makes a sandwich that’s very unusual but he seems to enjoy it, so I and the others make similar sandwiches for ourselves. We are very skeptical but realize it’s surprisingly tasty. He says: When you first see or try it, you may say “what is this?”, then you realize that it’s really good. I tell him it’s that way with a lot of what he does. First, it’s unfamiliar and people may say “what’s this?”, and then they realize it’s really good.

I see Tony Hawk as someone who is creative, playful, follows his passion and interests, and has business smarts. The theme of this dream may be explicit in the dream: Do what you enjoy and if it’s unusual, don’t let that stop you. Since it’s unfamiliar, people may be skeptical at first, but they’ll catch on if it’s good.

It’s a good pointer in general. Although why does it show up in my life now? It may be because I am at the threshold of a big change in my life, in terms of where I live, and there is some fear in me around it. This may be the sandwich – it looks a bit weird, I am a bit skeptical, but it may turn out surprisingly tasty and perhaps even nourishing.

Photo by Stig Nygaard from Copenhagen, Denmark – Birdhouse team in Fælledparken Skatepark, CC BY 2.0

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