What insights come in an awakening?

Awakening refers to noticing what we are, or what we are noticing itself as all there is.

What insights come with this?

In reality, only one: The insight inherent in noticing what we are, in finding ourselves as capacity for the world, as that which all our experiences happen within and as.

Related to this, we may notice that life sometimes takes itself as separate and as a separate being, and how this is life exploring this possibility within itself even if it’s not the ultimate reality or the true nature of reality.

Over time, we can also have a lot of other insights. Most importantly, we can get insights into how our mind creates a sense of separation – through identifying with the viewpoint of thoughts and taking itself as that viewpoint. We can learn something about how to invite the parts of us still operating from separation consciousness to join in with the awakening and oneness. And, in some cases, we may also learn something about how to help others explore these things for themselves.

We can also have some insight into the nature of insights. We notice something and it’s reflected in thought, and we may call that an insight. In reality, these thoughts are questions about the world. They are interpretations. Sometimes, they are pointers for noticing. There is no final or absolute truth in them. They are something to hold lightly. And it’s good to examine and question them all, and especially the ones we may inadvertently take as a given.

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