What’s the meaning of this situation?

When things are difficult, we deal with it in different ways including by trying to find meaning in it.

Is there a meaning inherent in anything? If there is, I cannot find it or know for certain what it is. Any idea of meaning comes from my mind trying to make sense of things, and reality itself seems free of it.

So I chose to give it a meaning that makes sense to me, which is to heal, mature, and find more clarity. I can use the situation to identify emotional issues and invite in healing for them. I can identify stressful beliefs and identities and inquire into them and find what’s more true for me. I can shift how I relate to the situation, myself, and life through heart-centered practices (ho’o, tonglen). I can notice it’s all happening within and as what I am (Headless experiments, Big Mind process). And so on, in whatever way makes sense to me.

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