A brief note on these articles

When I write here, I prefer to write brief and simple articles that highlight a few essentials and offer some pointers for further exploration. I tend to avoid topics that require brushing up on mythology, depth psychology, and so on, to do it justice. And I avoid going into complexities that may be more appropriate for a much longer article or a book.

Why do I stick with short and simple articles?

There are a few reasons. It’s easier for the reader to take in. And in many cases, some brief pointers are enough for us to continue exploring it for ourselves. I often find that a brief quote or even book or chapter title is enough for an interesting exploration.

Another reason is my brain fog. I don’t have much capacity for either reading or editing, so anything beyond a simple and short article is difficult. Most of these articles come directly out of me and what I notice here and now, and don’t require any (additional) reading or studies from my side.

I do often mentally reference what’s left in me from what I heard or read about the different traditions, just to check and see how it fits.

Because of the brain fog, I haven’t read or taken in much information for the last ten years. This is in sharp contrast to my earlier life where I read voraciously – in periods three books a week. I did have plans for writing books, but those plans are on the shelf (pun intended) for now.

There is an upside to this as well. I have to rely on what’s here in me and what I discover through my own explorations. And that’s an invaluable gift.

Note: This post is a modified section from another article – The value in the dark

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