Awakening is not incompatible with ego dynamics

Awakening is not incompatible with these [ego] dynamics. They may not currently be so active, and we may not identify so strongly with the ones that are, and this opens for the possibility to notice what we are.

I wrote this in a previous post and thought I would clarify it here.

One of the myths of awakening is that the “ego” is incompatible with awakening.

In my experience…

We can have parts of us operating from separation consciousness and we can still notice what we are.

As mentioned in the quote, these parts of us may not be so active in the moment. We may not be so strongly identified with the ones that are. And this opens for the possibility of noticing what we are.

We can still find ourselves as capacity for the world. We can still find ourselves as what all our experiences – including these parts – happen within and as.

That allows us to recognize the true nature of these parts of us as the same as our true nature, which helps us shift how we relate to them. It makes it easier to meet them, get to know them, understand them, and see they come from a desire to protect us and from love. It also makes it easier for them to heal and realign with oneness, which is perhaps the deepest form of healing.

Reality is often not quite as black-and-white as myths like “awakening is incompatible with ego” suggests, and that’s a very good thing.

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