Dream: Spacious apartment & body-centered Buddhism

I am visiting a progressive North-American city and stay in a large and beautiful apartment. They have magazines featuring articles on a more body-centered approach to Buddhism.

This is in San Francisco or another progressive city in the US. The apartment is beautiful, with natural wood and large ceiling-to-floor windows at the end of all four walls of the main room. The kitchen area is in the same space, along one wall.

The magazines are the glossy modern Buddhist magazines from the US, and it’s clear from these that the body-centered approach is a current focus. It’s about bringing the body more into the practice for deeper healing and for feeling the insights we get from practice, which supports living from it.

Buddhism is naturally body-centered. Even sitting in Zazen is a surprisingly physical activity and experience. This dream may reflect a guidance within me to bring in the body more. I have been drawn to taking up chigong again, so perhaps this is supporting this impulse.

In my teens and early twenties, I did tai chi and chigong daily. In my mid-twenties, I did Zazen for a few hours daily for some years, and also yoga. And I later did Breema daily for several years. Due to the chronic fatigue (CFS), I have done less of these physical practices, but they may be just the ticket for me right now. Based on previous experience, they may also support my health more than most other things.

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