Gospel of Thomas, verse 20

(1) The disciples said to Jesus: “Tell us whom the kingdom of heaven is like!”
(2) He said to them: “It is like a mustard seed.
(3) It is the smallest of all seeds.
(4) But when it falls on cultivated soil, it produces a large branch (and) becomes shelter for the birds of the sky.”

– Gospel of Thomas, verse 20

(1) The disciples again want to know!

(2+3) Jesus says it’s like a very small seed, the smallest of all seeds. Our true nature – as capacity for all phenomena as they appear to us – is easy to overlook. When we notice it, we may think it’s nothing and not realize its significance.

(4) But if we are good soil for this seed, it grows and shelters the birds of the sky. If we recognize the significance of this noticing and keep noticing and keep living from it, and allow the different parts of us to be transformed by it, its effects grow. Its profoundly transformative, and it becomes a shelter for our life and all our experiences.

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