Two forms of completely ordinary insanity

Some forms of insanity are completely normal.


Two of these especially stand out to me.

One is separation consciousness. Most people function from separation consciousness, even if this is out of alignment with reality and comes from a fundamental misunderstanding about our identity. It’s normal and even considered healthy because it’s so common. And a clear understanding of this is typically ignored, and sometimes viewed with suspicion and as a fantasy or something unhealthy, since it’s less common and less understood.

The other is the bubbles of more obvious insanity most of us live with. These are bubbles in our psyche and system made up of stressful beliefs, hangups, emotional issues, and trauma. When these are triggered, and we go into them and perceive and live from them, we temporarily become insane. It’s often clear to others that we are, unless they too are caught up in something similar. And it’s often obvious to ourselves that we were, after the storm has passed.


The first type of insanity is cured by noticing what we are. Especially when we come into the habit of noticing this and keep exploring how to live from it.

The second type of insanity is cured by whatever way we find helpful to heal emotional wounds and hangups. This may be inquiry or cognitive psychology, dialog with a wise person or with these parts of us, somatic or energy work, and so on.

The two are also connected. The second makes it easier for us to notice and live from noticing what we are in more situations. It helps with embodiment. And the first can help these bubbles to align with reality and oneness when they surface, especially if we have that intention. In a very real sense, these bubbles then join in with the awakening, and that allows for deeper healing.

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