Eternal life?

What does it mean to have eternal life?

Who or what has it? And what does eternal mean?

More practically, can we use the idea of the eternal as a mirror? Can we find what it points to in our first-person experience?


When I look, I find I am capacity for the world as it appears to me.

I am what my field of experience happens within and as.

And relevant to this, I find that any sense of time happens within and as what I am.

Any sense of time and any mental representations happen within and as what I am.

It happens within and as what’s inherently timeless and free of time.


One of the definitions of eternal is that it has no beginning or end in time.

When I look, I can’t find any beginning or end in time outside of my field of experience. It all happens within and as what I am.

The eternal, that which has no beginning or end, is here and allows for a sense of time.

The eternal allows for time and takes the form of time.

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