Dissolving into the field

This is one of my more common explorations, and also something I don’t write much about.

I notice myself as this field of experience, this field that has no end in space, that time happens within, and so on.

I notice what “sticks out” of this field. What seems more dense. What’s seems a bit like “other”. What’s perhaps not so easily recognized as having the same nature as the rest of the field.

I notice it’s nature, the same as the rest of the field. I rest in that noticing. I invite it, the contraction, to find itself as that, and rest and sink into that noticing.

This allows the contractions to, in a sense, “dissolve” into the field. They are more easily seen as having the same nature as anything else, and they relax and reorganize in that noticing.

As usual, there is more to say about it.

For instance, if it’s a strong contraction and one my system is used to struggling with, some earlier steps may be needed. I may need to befriend it before I can notice it’s nature and rest in that noticing. I may need to intentionally welcome it, allow it, see what it’s needs and wants are, notice the lack it’s coming from, give it what it needs and wants, see it’s innocence and is here to protect this separat self, find genuine love and appreciation for it, and so on.


Dissolving into the field
Notice anything that seems dense, has any sense of i or me
Allow it to dissolve into the field
Notice is nature, same as rest of field

To ourselves, we are a field

Smoothing out the field

One thought to “Dissolving into the field”

  1. It has been a great experience for me, working on my issues in critical or chronic moments with you, and with these approaches. I really see a very profound change.

    There are far fewer identifications and the ones that remain are milder. I can also relate to issues very differently, I notice a lot more space in and around the issue, and a lot more freedom in my system.

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