Dream: I inheret a house

I inherent a house from my parents. It’s much larger than I expected, and I realize I can rent out several sections and have a good income from it. I also found a room they had, which I never knew about, and it’s beautiful with dark paneling, is cube shaped with a tall ceiling, and beautifully decorated.

Somehow, it feels like this house is in Oregon. Several sections can be rented out for housing, some for stores, and there is also that one special and very beautiful room I didn’t know about.

This is a classic house dream. I can see the house as representing me, this human self. It’s much larger than I expected. Several areas are valuable although ordinary looking. And one room is amazingly beautiful and tasteful.

The dream may also point out that I inherited more of what’s valuable and beautiful from my parents than I am conscious of in daily life.

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