Dream: Jung’s model of the psyche and the transformation process

I am in New York, possibly Brooklyn. It’s a building with a very mixed group of people – artists, intellectuals, and all ages. Most of them live there, and there is a strong sense of community. I am somehow part of that community and completely included, although it also feels like I just arrived and maybe visiting.

One of the people there, a slightly older intellectual, shows me a model or statue made by Jung in cooperation with an artist. Jung used to live there, in that neighborhood or in that building. The model is about 1 meter tall, generally shaped like a pine cone, and with a lot of intricate details and figures. The main feature is a series of figures in circles around the model, from the bottom to the top. The bottom ones are more primal, and the top ones are more refined. They all have some common features showing their shared essence. They represent parts of all of us, and the model also shows the overall process of individuation and beyond – waking and growing up. I mention that the model is so good that if it was filmed close up, it would look full size.

Another man is there, dressed as the figures in the model. He is a kind of guide, and I talk with him about the model and Jung. I am not sure if he is a man dressed as the figures, or if he is one of the figures in flesh-and-blood. We talk about Jung having lived there.

A friend of mine shows up. He is a spiritual teacher, similar to Joel M. and we know each other well. He has had a mental breakdown but seems to be OK. We go to his apartment, which is part of or near the community. He is still teaching and does so in a slightly intellectual and removed way. I sense that what led to the breakdown is still somewhat unresolved, and that he could resolve it if he became more intimate with his experience and what’s unresolved. He shows me some recent paintings which are OK but not amazing, and he tells me he is not currently painting.

I am back in the building and the community. A well-known intellectual is arrogant and wants me to make him a specific type of sandwich I haven’t even heard about. I tell him no. A younger man wants me to come with him to play some kind of real-life outdoors game connected with a computer came, it turns out he is selling subscriptions. I tell him no.

I need some time for myself. I need rest and space for my system to process.

This is the second dream in a few days where Jung and depth-psychology come up, and also artists and intellectuals.

Obviously, all of this is in me, and I easily recognize it. I am the intellectuals, artists, depth-psychologists, and even the guy trying to make money doing something his heart is not fully in. I am the arrogant intellectual who thinks he is more important than other people. I am the guy who used to paint but isn’t right now. I am the guy with the breakdown (I have had a lot of strong things coming up over the last few weeks, and since these unprocessed parts are – for all of us – a bit crazy, I have felt connected with that craziness.) I am the spiritual teacher who is a bit overly intellectual and could resolve things much more thoroughly if he was more intimate with his experiences and these unresolved parts. I am the place where Jung used to live since I was completely into his writings early in life. I am the building and the rich community. I am the depth-psychologist and artist making that detailed model, and I am what that model represents.



In new york (Brooklyn? Queens?)
Group of people
Intellectuals, artists, mix of people

A statue made by Jung, he had worked with an artist to make it, miniature (about one meter tall), pine-cone shaped, lots of figures at ifferent levels, represent our psyche, different  parts of us, lower one more earthy, top one more refined, all shared some features to show they are share an essence. I said that if it was filmed, it would look full size, 
A man (?) there, dressed as one of the figures, a guide, can ask questions, I talked with him for a little while about Jung and the sculpture (he had known Jung, Jung used to live there)

A friend showed it to me, he was a spiritual teacher (similar to Joel), did art, had had a breakdown, but as ok, lived with it, was still teaching. He seemed to live in his head and awakening and a little disconnected from what was going on inside of him, I thought he could heal if he connected with what was going on in him, became intimate with it,
He invited me to his apartment, he showed me some recent paintings, they were ok but not amazing, he didn’t paint right now

The group of people, all ages, backgrounds
Lively, engaged, most were passionate about what they were doing
Still quite close, unified somehow
Lived in the same building, or at least came frequently

I was in the group, altough also a feeling of visiting

An important intellectual wanted me to make his sandwich, and do it in a very specific way, he was demanding and arrogant, and wanted me to make something I hadn’t even heard of,  I refused

A younger man wanted me to join him in some real life computer game outside, it turned out he was selling subscriptions, I said no. He was similar to Lycet.

Needed time for myself, rest

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