Dream: Secret agent

I am a secret agent on a mission with two women. They are both red-heads and play the role of my wife and (grown) daughter respectively. The mission has lasted a while, perhaps some months or years (?), and we have successfully completed it and are extracted out of the situation. We are followed, but are able to shake them off. The one playing the role of daughter got out earlier and separately. When I see the two next to each other, I say: Nobody would think you are not mother and daughter. After a debrief, we are giving new identities. I notice I have fallen in love with the woman who played my wife, and plan to explore the possibility of a life with her.

There is a sense of completion in this dream. We successfully completed the mission, got out out danger, and transmitted the information we had gathered. There is also a sense of new beginnings with new identities and lives ahead of us, and the possibility of a life with the one who had played my wife. I knew that becoming smitten in these situations was a general possibility, and also knew that this was deeper than that.

What is the secret mission? I am not sure. I have been doing some “deep dives” into contractions coming up lately, and becoming more intimate with it. That can feel like a secret and slightly dangerous mission at times. That’s also mirrored in what’s happened over the last ten or so years, with the dark night of the soul and (involuntarily) deep dives into parts of myself it’s been challenging to meet.

Both of those are similar dynamic, in the micro and macro, and both can feel like slightly – and sometimes a very – dangerous missions.

In waking life, I am about to start a new adventure in a new place. It’s a new beginning and a new life.

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