Dream: Tunisia

I talk with some people I just met, and they show me their social media profiles. One them have photos from a trip to Tunisia. I realize I need to keep my mind a little more open when it comes to countries to live in or visit for a while.

In my waking life, I have been exploring different possibilities for where to live or, at least, places where I may want to visit and stay for a while. My health gets much better when I am in a place that’s sunny, mostly dry, and has a stable climate.

I have some places in mind, and I have focused more narrowly on these recently. The dream seems to remind me to have a more open mind. What about Tunisia? I had never thought of it, but for parts of the year, it does have much of what I am looking for. It may be a place to visit, and at the very least it reminds me to keep my mind open.

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