From the point of view of our system, knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing

Knowing something is only useful when we put it into practice. And that’s also when we get to see that life is far more rich and complex than our ideas about it, and different from our ideas about it.


This also applies to healing and awakening. From the point of view of our system, knowing about something and not doing it is the same as not knowing about it.

If I have a tool for supporting healing or awakening and don’t use it, it’s the same as if not having it.

If I recognize an unhealed pattern in me and don’t invite in healing for it, it’s the same as not recognizing this pattern.

If I have noticed what I am in the past, and don’t notice it now, it’s the same as if not having noticed it.

If I notice what I am, and don’t live from it in this situation, it’s the same – in terms of how I live – as if I didn’t notice.


It’s good to recognize this, take it in, and be honest about it. And none of this is inherently wrong. Knowing about is often a valuable first step, and the time to apply it may not be right for whatever reason.

When I notice that I don’t apply something, I can explore what’s behind it. Is it because I don’t trust what I know? Don’t trust it will work? Am afraid of what I may encounter? Am afraid of the changes in my life that may come from it?

Often, what stops me is an unquestioned scary belief and an unloved fear.

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