Dream: the daughter of my parents’ friends

I sit outside my parent’s house and then go down to the basement. From the main (living) room, I see someone in the next room. It seems she wants to be discrete and not seen, and hides behind the half-open door.

As I walk over, I see that she is hanging up clothes to dry in the drying cabinet, and she has removed the boxes with old books I stored there so she would have space.

I ask her who she is, and she obviously knows who I am. She tells me things about me that require some detailed level of knowledge. She says she the daughter of some good friends of my parents going back to before I was born.

They were artists, lived in several places in Europe, and her parents were especially interested in depth psychology and were friends with many of the top people in that field.

She is naturally confident, intelligent, cosmopolitan, charming, and even a bit seductive.

My guesses of who she is the daughter of (Røtterud, Kleiva) are wrong.

She then shows me a book with her art. It has her photographs from Bogotá and Colombia, and I see photos from the jungle and dolphins. The dolphins are in a river close to the ocean.

The photos are amazingly beautiful, poetic, and lyrical, beyond anything I have ever seen.

My sense is that this dream is a follow-up from the house dream a couple of days ago.

In this dream, I am in my parent’s house, and in meet this woman in the basement who is cultured, intelligent, charming, an amazing artist, connected with my parents, and obviously knows a lot about me.

In my waking life, I am exploring becoming more intimate with my experiences and especially contractions, and work with them in a more direct and intimate way than I have for a while. (This is aided by a course from my friend Amy H.)

I have missed having a community in my life of people who go deep and intimate in this way. Even one or two regulars would make a big difference.

What I am looking for, more than that, is to be able to more consistently support myself in going deep in this way.

I sense that the woman in the dream is someone who can help me go deep in this way. She doesn’t seem to represent one particular person in my waking life, although several I know have some of these qualities.

She is a feminine part of me that knows how to go deep and intimate.

Why wouldn’t she tell me her name or who her parents were? Perhaps it would have been too limiting? She may be something beyond what can be taken as a(ny one) person.

In general, she has several qualities I can and would like to embrace more fully in my life, and perhaps especially the artistic side. It has been set aside in my life for a while, for various reasons, and I would like to embrace it again.

In waking life, my parents did and do have friends like that – artists, cosmopolitan, and so on, and I was fascinated by them and their life when I was little. My father worked as an architect but did art training and has also worked as an artist, and we did travel Europe when I was little visiting the major art galleries in Paris, London, Barcelona, and so on.

My partner is from Colombia, and she does have some of the qualities of this woman in the dream, which is perhaps where the photos from Colombia come in.

Note: I fell asleep again after this dream, and had a second dream.

In the dream, I ask my father about the woman, especially since the encounter had a dreamlike quality and I am unsure if I really met her. He thinks she is someone who visited briefly months earlier, but not the day I saw her.

This may suggest that to me, this female side of me, is a bit fleeting and ephemeral. I don’t have an as solid and grounded connection with her as is possible, and as much as I would like.

Small synchronicity: I took a photo of a duck family later in the day, and the ripples above the mom duck were strikingly similar to the ripples around the dolphin in the dream photo.

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