The many things to be grateful for that makes what’s annoying possible

I sometimes allow myself to be bothered by noise, and I sometimes get annoyed by life for other reasons. In these situations, I notice what’s happening and may later work on whatever painful beliefs, emotional issues, and energetic contractions are behind it.

And in the moment, I sometimes use some emergency measures, and the more these are grounded in reality, the better.

One of these is to remind me of all the things I am genuinely grateful for that allow the annoying situation to even exist.

I am at the cabin, and the neighbor is making construction noise. This bothers me since it “ruins” the peace and silence here. There are a lot of conditions that make this possible, and many I am genuinely grateful for. I have ears to hear the sounds. I have time and opportunity to be at the cabin. I have access to this cabin. The cabin is still in good enough condition for me to be here. I have food here. I am a human being. I live in a country that allows for this situation with nature and a cabin. I have parents who were able to buy this cabin several years ago. There are other people in the world, including my neighbor. My neighbor is improving his cabin, he is not letting it fall apart. If I need help, my neighbor is here. Right now, this noise is the most annoying and troublesome thing in my life. And so on.

There are innumerable very real and tangible things I am genuinely grateful for that make this annoying situation possible.

So what about more serious situations?

This question can still be helpful, along with some related ones.

I have CFS, which I sometimes see as limiting and troublesome. What things make this possible that I am genuinely grateful for? I am alive. I have this body. My mind is clear enough to sometimes be bothered by it.

If I sit with it longer, I can likely find more answers.

I can also find more if I ground it in my current situation, and ask a related question: What I can still do, here and now, in spite of the CFS?

Right now, I am bothered by the CFS because I can’t do as much as I would want. (Maintenance, explorations.) I can still write here. I can still enjoy the weather, nature, and the view of the lake. I can still enjoy the food. I can still enjoy the candle. I can still talk with family and friends. And so on. There are many things I am genuinely grateful for that I can do and experience.

It’s good to have a few different questions for these situations and see what comes up when I ask myself each of them. This is not really about “positive thinking”. It’s about finding what’s real and ground myself in reality and a bigger picture.

Yes, there is something to the troublesome thoughts. And at the same time, there are many things I am genuinely grateful for.

This is an example of light and dark in the same sky.

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