Waking up the whole field

We can have a general or global kind of awakening. We notice the nature of what we are, we may keep noticing it, we explore living from it, and so on. That’s one side of it.

The other side of this is that parts of us likely still operate from separation consciousness. These too are part of what we are, and if these are still unawake and don’t notice their nature, the awakening process is still somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. (A spectrum that likely has no end.)

That’s one of the many reasons why the question “are you awake” doesn’t have a yes or no answer and often needs an explanation. There is no separate one here to be awake. The awakening is more of a process on a spectrum than anything else. It’s difficult to impossible to judge exactly where on the spectrum the process is and how much is left. Those types of questions often come from separation consciousness, neediness, and a sense of lack. And the question doesn’t really matter. What matters is exploring what’s here, and keep noticing, keep seeing how it is to live from it, keep inviting more of us to join in with this noticing, and so on.

Note: I wrote this on my phone in the wilderness so it’s more flow-of-consciousness and less edited than it normally would be.

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