Dream: Krishnamurti

I am with Jiddu Krishnamurti and he is clear and optimisic, but has one slight regret. He had hopes about a specific young man who he thought would be a light for humanity, and what happened didn’t exactly follow his ideas and hopes.

We have a free and flowing conversation, as if we are old friends who understand each other easily, and share our perceptions of a range of things. Someone says the easy connection is because we are at about the same level.

There is a sense that when he talks about the young man he had hopes for, he is talking about himself and me as well. In clarity and oneness, we are the same, and in our human expression there are a lot of similarities as if we were brothers.

We look at some art the young man had made, and Krishnamurti expresses some disappointment. I point out that the art is actually quite good, and he can see that as well. (It’s a watercolor with yellows and reds and a lot of layers and depth.)

I help him see that what happened was perfect in its own way, and that it was his ideas about what should happen that set him up for the disappointment. Life didn’t follow his ideas, and that doesn’t mean what happened was wrong. He agrees and is able to find more peace with it.

Through the dream, I had a sense that the three of us were the same, and I didn’t always know if he talked about himself, or the young man, or even me.

Of course, the topic of this dream reflects his own life. He was expected to be a light for humanity by theosophists, and then chose to go his own way. The young man in the dream did the same. And it reflects a theme in my own life. I had high hopes for myself – in art, psychology, research, and so on – and it didn’t materialize for a variety of reasons, including major health challenges.

The dream-maker in me may have chosen Krishnamurti for exactly that reason, and since it mirrors something in my own life. I generally like him, have read about him and some by him, and generally like his writings, but it hasn’t resonated as much with me as some others. (Adyashantiy, Byron Katie, Douglas Harding and so on.)

In the dream, I help him find peace with what happened, and even see that what happened had its own beauty. This is a process I have gone through in regards to myself and my own hopes and ideas about my own life, which took a different turn than the young version of me had hoped for or planned.

Just like Krishnamurti in the dream, I am helping myself see the beauty of what happened and find more real and genuine peace with it, grounded in a more honest and sincere relationship with it.

The essence of the dream is the easy connection and communication with Krishnamurti, as of old friends who understand each other well. The sense that the three of us – him, me, and the young man he is talking about – are all expressions of the same clarity and oneness, and even as humans have a lot in common. And helping finding peace with lost dreams and hopes, and seeing that what actually happened has its own beauty.


He is slightly disillusioned since he had high hopes for several people in the past and it didn’t work out as he hoped
Still optimistic, clear, just abandoned that project of finding and investing in someone who will be a kind of light for humanity, who will fit his ideas about how that will look
We talk and share our perceptions, especially of art made by someone
It’s a free and flowing conversation, someone says it’s because we are about on the same level
He had high hopes about someone a long time ago, and he realized it was because he wanted to, he wanted the person to fit sine kind of ifra he had
We look at art made by this person, long ago, and I show that it is actually quite good and very promising
He agrees

We share and compare perceptions
Through the dream, there is the sense of the people (him, me, the one who made the art), and that we are also the same

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