Dream: Renovating a community center

I am in the town where I grew up, and in a kind of community center with several buildings. I am in the main building, which is next to the kitchen/dining area, and talk with several people. They are different ages, including young, and from different parts of the world. A young woman is indigenous from the Americas. An older man is Tibetan and a Buddhist teacher.

There is a sense of sacred orientation here, although not so it excludes anyone. (Not even people who see themselves as non-spiritual.)

I walk outside, and see a couple of other buildings on the property that are worn down and in disrepair. A couple of people are there, and I think they are caretakers but they seem a bit resigned. I think they even sleep in one of the worn out buildings.

I suggest to them, and the people running the place, that they tear down the old buildings and build something new. They can get the community involved in the planning and building, and invigorate a sense of community and give new life to the community center. They think it’s a good idea and we are moving forward with the plans.

The town is the town near Oslo I grew up in. The community center has more of a feeling of Green Gulch in Marin County (USA) than anything I have found in Norway. The people there are from around the world, including indigenous from the Americas and a Tibetan man who is a Buddhist teacher. A couple of buildings are in use and in good shape, and a couple are unused and in disrepair. We are embarking on an enlivening and invigorating project or rebuilding, with the help of the local community.

It seems that this dream is about parts of me that’s been here since childhood. Some parts are in use and international. Some parts in disrepair, and we – as an inner community – are working on rebuilding and making the community center more alive again.

In waking life, I am embarking on an adventure in a new location which may invigorate and enliven old and perhaps temporarily abandoned parts of me.

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