Dream: Southern Utah & old camera

I am in Southern Utah and is overcome by the beauty and how deeply at home I feel there. I choose to use my old film camera, am having some problems with it, miss some shots, and decide to use my new camera instead. Someone I know from Facebook is there too.

In waking life, Southern Utah is one of the places where I feel most deeply at home. I love Utah and the area west of the Rockies in general.

The old camera is not working so well, and I decide to use my new one. My sense is that this has to do with nostalgia. When I first was in Southern Utah, I used my old film camera. In the dream, I may have wanted to recreate that experience and it didn’t quite work. The new is better.

The person in the dream is a waking life Facebook friend who lives there and regularly posts beautiful photos from the area.

For me, the essence of the dream is about the camera. It didn’t work to try to recreate the old, and the new – what’s here now – is much more appropriate.

The dream is also a reminder of how much place means to me. I feel deeply at home, nourished, vitalized, and myself in some places, and the reverse in other places. My life – and how I am and live and what I bring out from myself – changes completely depending on where I am.

Photo: Gernot Keller www.gernot-keller.com

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