Dream: Friendly fellow students

I am about to start a new program or training, which is held in a beautiful new building complex. I am a bit lost about what the program is about and where I am to live. The other students are very friendly and helpful, and show me where my room is. I share it with some of the other students.

This is a very simple dream scene. It’s similar to dreams I have had for a while now, where I am in a new place and live with a group of friendly people creating a good and supportive community.

I imagine this reflects the befriend & wake-up work I have done more consistently when a contraction comes up. Also, it may reflect healing of my school experience which was difficult for me, and where I didn’t experience the other students as very friendly or supportive. In this dream, we were all grown-ups and more mature, kind, and perhaps even wise in a very ordinary way.

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