Dream: The three of us sacred

Through the night, I am aware of the three of us – my partner, me, and our cat – in the bed. We are all light with many glimmers of gold, sacred, and the divine experiencing itself as us.

This is similar to the other dream where I experienced the same room and house (in Villa de Leyva) as conscious, awake, and all the different aspects of this consciousness quietly communicating with each other.

As Neo says in the new Matrix 4 trailer, these are dreams that are not just dreams. The real-life situations were included in the dreams. They went through the whole night. And they reflect something real.

To me, everything is consciousness – including the house, the land, and so on.

And we are the divine taking all these forms.

Why do I have these dreams?

The first answer is that they are reminders of this reality and this noticing that’s already here in me.

Also, with the first dream, it may be because this land has a very sacred and conscious quality. (We are very close to an indigenous sacred site and solar observatory.) With the second, it may be a reminder that we are expressions of the divine, which is a reminder I needed since we had some challenges the night before and some reactive parts of me were taking a bit too large a part of my consciousness.

Parallel dream: The house is alive

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