Dream: Secret transport of powerful energy source

I am on a team transporting a material with very high energy. We do it in secrecy and with vigilance so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The energy source is small and contained in a large and solid metal box. The team reminds me a bit of the Mission Impossible team. And we need to transport it in secrecy so nobody with ill intentions gets their hands on it. The energy source is immensely powerful, far beyond anything else we have.

The dream may be showing me that there is more energy stored in my system than I realize.

I wonder if this is (partly?) suppressed anger and warrior / beast qualities? These certainly have a lot of energy in them, and have been and partly are suppressed in me.

The dream may also reflect that I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands, into parts of me using it for wrong or ill intentions. I suspect I learned to suppress my inner warrior partly for that reason, so it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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