Dream: Invisible rowers

I am with my partner in Australia, in a cove on the coast. A large row boat arrives for a gathering. We only see the boat and several pairs of oars, and the beings rowing are invisible to us.

These beings or people are from another country. They have a magical quality and can make themselves invisible. I know that as soon as they arrive, we will see them. They are friendly.

In waking life, we are going to Barichara today, which – to me, in my sensing – is a place with a lot of light and magical quality. Perhaps these beings are parts of me invisible to me, arriving very soon. Perhaps these are parts of me I’ll get in touch with there? We’ll see.

Update: We arrived in the house where we are staying in the town of Barichara, and the energies here are very dense and it also turns out the house is next to a cemetery. We are spending part of the evening clearing the space, building, and ground energetically.

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