Dream: Weird cat puppet

I have created a play with a handful of other people. It’s important and very good, and we perform it with puppets of animals. All the animal puppets are beautiful, except the cat puppet which is weird and barely hangs together. At the dress rehearsal, people laugh when it comes out. I feel embarrased since I am responsbile for the puppets in the play, although I didn’t make them.

Later today, I’ll be in a house with five other people. Because of my health challenges (CFS), a part of me sees me as a weird puppet that barely hangs together. I have always experienced a deep connection with cats, including through some Big Dreams with black panthers, so it’s not surprising if the cat puppet is me. The other puppets are beautiful, and people laugh at the weirdness of the cat puppet. One of my issues is a fear that people will judge me and laugh at me, especially because I have to live a little differently in daily life due to Chronic Fatigue. Now, that I am about to share a house with other people I mostly don’t know, I am afraid this will happen. And the dream shows me this.

Update: This dream and recent social interactions have reminded me of a discrepancy in how I see myself and others. When others talk, I mostly find it very interesting and fascinating. And I tend to not talk very much because I assume it won’t be interesting. That’s the same with the writings here. I assume it’s all very basic, obvious, and uninteresting to most people.

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