Brandon Bradford: It’s easy to make everything into a conspiracy when you don’t know how anything works

Yes, and for some, it’s easier to blame some evil people rather than acknowledge that the problems we are facing today are systemic and we are all part of these systems so our daily life is part of the problem.

When I look at popular conspiracy theories, I typically see a fundamental misunderstanding of science and how society works. I see paranoia. I see a wish to find someone to blame. I see people being misled by trolls. I see people reacting to their own discomfort and unhappiness by going into entertaining, intriguing, scary, simplistic, and unsubstantiated stories about how the world works.

Unless they are actively trolling, which some conspiracy theorists are, they have a good heart and think they have discovered something of importance to humans. They see themselves as on the side of the good, some evil people on the side of evil, and the rest of us as sheep accepting what we are told.

I see a lot of projections that make a grounded conversation difficult. They project what’s happening in them to others. That tends to create an equal and opposite reaction from others towards them. And all of that tends to kick up a lot of dust which makes a real dialog challenging.

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