Dream: I will continue to be with this amazing group of mature people on the spiritual path

I am on the US west coast with a group of people who are mature in their spiritual path. They are skilled, insightful, kind, playful, grounded, and so on. It’s an amazing group and I feel completely at home with them. We do some kind of deep and playful somatic group work in the form of a dance.

I notice the thought that I’ll miss them and sadness that I won’t be with them in the futue. And then I realize, I will be with them. I’ll be here with them. I won’t go anywhere.

This reflects a waking life concern or sadness in me. I lived on the US west coast for many years, and my life is now taking me to other places. I love where I am now, and in very many ways it’s better for me, but a part of me feels FOMO. It fears I’ll miss out on what I could have learned if I was in the Bay Area or another hotspot on the US west coast. This dream seems to show me that I have what I need. It’s OK.

I can still stay connected with people there and learn from them. I have more than enough to work on for myself. And this exploration is a part of me, was a part of me long before I went there, and – as suggested by the dream – likely will continue to be a part of me and my life.

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