The mysteries within our world

In 1924, an elaborate tunnel was accidentally found under a street in Washington, D.C. Despite theories that it was a lair of bootleggers or ‘Teuton war spies’, the tunnel was dug by the Smithsonian entomologist Harrison G. Dyar, who just liked to dig tunnels in his spare time.

– QI – Quite Interesting on Facebook

This is a reminder that, sometimes, apparent mysteries within our world have more mundane answers than we first imagine.

It’s easy to let our imagination run away with us and get caught up in fascinating and intriguing possibilities and even tell ourselves it has to be that way, while the reality is quite different.

It’s true that sometimes, the reality is something similar to what we imagine, or even more surprising.

And often, it’s different, and perhaps more simple, innocent, and ordinary.

(We can also go one step further and examine our stories about the conventional reality, and we may find something different from how it initially appeared to us.)

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