Sting: Don’t judge me, you could be me in another life, in another set of circumstances

Don’t judge me

You could be me in another life

In another set of circumstances

– Sting, Tomorrow We’ll See

As so often, this is very simple and there is also a lot here.

The actions of any of us would make sense if we knew their background and inner and outer situation.

We could easily have been born into another set of circumstances.

If we are in a privileged inner or outer situation, it’s ultimately not our own doing. It’s all given to us by our family, society, culture, and ultimately Life. Even our talents, motivation, and drive is given to us.

Whatever story I have about you, I can turn it around to myself and find where it is true. I can find examples here and now, and from the past.

When I explore what I am in my own first-person experience, I find I am capacity for the world. I am what the world, to me, happens within and as. To me, you happen within and as what I am.

If I don’t notice what I mentioned above, it’s because of a hangup I have. And I can explore that hangup. I can befriend it, get to know it, and invite it to heal and wake up.

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