Matt Licata: To suffer consciously is an ancient, sacred art that has been lost in our time

To suffer consciously is an ancient, sacred art that has been lost in our time, replaced by a well-intentioned solar self-help industry designed to take us out of the darkness and complexity and into consistent joy, flow, happiness, and bliss.

Matt Licata

I generally agree although I am not sure if it has been lost. Some focus on the light and joy to the exclusion of the rest of what we have in us, and many are also exploring how to be with and get to know these sides of us.

Also, this is not about suffering. It’s more about allowing and feeling what’s here, and perhaps even getting to know it and find what’s more true. We can notice it’s already allowed, which makes it easier to consciously allow it. We can get to know the stories within it. We may see where these are from, and what’s more true for us. And so on.

We can relate to these parts of us as we would a suffering child or animal. We can be there with them. Listen to them. Offer our love and companionship. Allow them to have their experience and go through their own process. Have patience with them. Support them in the healing that wants to happen through them.

It’s less about suffering and more about allowing the suffering that’s here. Parts of us suffer, and we can be with and get to know these parts of us. As a whole, we don’t suffer although it can seem that way to the extent we identify with these parts of us.

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