Dream: Staying with the Tom Hanks family

I am traveling and, through a mutual friend, am invited to stay with the Tom Hanks family for a few days. They are all genuinely nice people and there is sense of ease and flow in our daily life interactions. Two sons and one daughter are there, all young adult, and some of their friends come and go. It’s a house full of life, and it’s also gentle and quiet. I feel included, welcome, and part of the family.

One of the sons shows me a photo he created. It’s a composite of four or five photos of the same bird, hovering in the air facing the camera, and it’s done with sensitivity and is beautiful and artistic.

Towards the end, the basement is flooded although nobody seems to think it’s a problem. It’s where the young people are staying, and where I am staying as well. Everything continues what they are doing.

The night before this dream, I listened to a podcast where someone mentioned Tom Hanks.

This is the type of family life many parts of me dream of, and I have experienced now and then. In waking life these days, I also experience it now and then.

More than that, it’s the type of inner community and household I wish for and experience now and then.

What about the photo of the bird? I am not sure. Perhaps it’s an invitation to be a bit more creative in my own photography and artistic endeavors?

And the flooding? Flooding is often seen as reflecting a flooding of emotions. In this case, it happens in the basement and it’s taken in stride. It is true that my system sometimes is flooded a bit by emotions, especially when I work on certain issues, and especially when I work on it with Vortex Healing since it tends to bring up whatever I work on for a day or so. And, as in the dream, I have the option to continue with my life and take it in stride and often do just that.


Stay w the Tom Hanks family for some days
They are all genuinely nice people
Sense of ease, flow
One of the sons shows me a photograph he made, 4-5 photos of same bird, in flight, facing us, taken fraction of a second apart, partially overlapping, each slightly faded and some stronger than other, very beautiful, artistic
Two sons, one daughter, some of their friends, some family, come and go
A house full of life, but also gentle and quiet
Towards end, basement flooded 1.5m, nobody seems to think its a problem, it’s where the young people are and I am staying, everyone continues what they are doing
I feel included, welcome, part of the family

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