Going to spiritual teachers for medical advice

What role do spiritual teachers play in our life?

In my case, they function for a limited time as coaches and guides in specific areas and that’s it.

I don’t go to spiritual teachers for medical advice or for repairing my car. I have other people for that, and people who are far more qualified in those areas.

This seems pretty obvious.

And yet, some seem to go to spiritual teachers for general life advice and even medical advice. For instance, some who follow certain non-dual teachers who happen to have an anti-vaccine view seem to trust their medical advice and adopt the same view.

Of course, people are free to share their views and others are free to trust or not what they say.

And, to me, it doesn’t seem very wise to trust the medical opinion of people who have absolutely no credentials in the field. For me, it makes far more sense to trust the opinion of experts in the field as I do in other areas of life.

When I find myself in the role of a therapist or spiritual guide, I keep my personal medical opinions to myself and strongly encourage the client or student to go to a qualified professional. Anything else would be profoundly unethical.

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